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Planning a Surprise Wedding Party? Get the Right Wedding Cake!

The wedding is undoubtedly the most important day in the life of any person. Whether it is an arranged wedding, which is pretty common in Indian culture or a wedding that has blossomed out of love between two beautiful individuals, the day is always the most anticipated day in the life of both the bride to be and the groom to be. That being said, the wedding is not just special for the couple but also for the many people who are closely associated with them. Hence, if you are a close friend or a family member of the soon to be a married couple, you can add on to their celebrations by planning a surprise wedding party from Bookthecake!

Why plan a surprise wedding party?

A wedding is special. There is no denying the fact. But, don’t you think the couple who just got married needs a surprise wedding treat as well? Of course, they have been an essential part of all the wedding preparations and because they have been anticipating their wedding day, they are sure to be excited too, but the last thing that they will expect from their friends and family is another wedding surprise. It wouldn’t take much of an effort for you to arrange the treat but the memories this little surprise party will create are going to be everlasting and forever.

When planning a surprise party. Start with planning your party venue. If the wedding had been a thoroughly traditional affair, you can give the monotony a break by having a super modern wedding party at a poolside or a night club. After all, it is your surprise and you can do just as you want. Make sure that you keep in mind the likes and preferences of the couple; this will only ensure that they truly enjoy their surprise.

Once you have the venue decided, look at having the perfect wedding cake too. This is something that will ensure the couple enjoys and has fun too at the surprise party. Cake cutting ceremony is always associated with good omen and hence, having a cake at the surprise party will only imply that you wish the couple lots of good luck and best wishes for their life ahead.

Surprise the couple on their anniversaries too!

A wedding surprise is a special treat but then there are the anniversaries. The wedding anniversary surprise is usually a couple’s thing. A newly wedded couple may surprise each other on their anniversaries with special little gifts and of course, the cake is always there. Then there are the milestone anniversaries too that demand a big celebration. For instance, a 10th wedding anniversary or the 25th wedding anniversary is a celebration of long-lasting love and togetherness so yes, a surprise party or a planned celebration is a must. And of course, there is no anniversary celebration that can be complete without a cake.

When looking for a surprise wedding cake or an anniversary cake, check our website for some great options. No matter what your favourite flavour is or the shape that you would like the cake to be in, if you have it on your mind, we can create it for you. We have several pre-designed cakes and we also take orders for special customized cakes as well. When you order a wedding cake online, you also have the convenience of placing the order from the comfort of your home. You just have to choose your cake, make the payment online and get the cake delivered at your home or the venue if you were planning a surprise wedding party!

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