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Amazing First Birthday Cake Designs for Girls with Strawberry cake online

Birthdays for girls are a little more special than boys. Yes, this is true because girls like all things that show love and joy more than boys. Well, call it their nature or just that girls like it more to be pampered and cared for. Whatever is the reason, if you have a little girl in your life, you sure have to get ready to have some special treats and celebrations planned for her. To begin with, you definitely cannot miss out on her first birthday. And, when it is about girls – pink has to be the color so yes a strawberry cake online is your right choice!

First birthday cake themes for your little girl:

If your baby girl is turning a year old soon, nothing can be more exciting for you than making arrangements for her birthday. With strawberry cake delivery, you may have the flavour decided and the colour chosen too but wait; is that all that you need? Well no, first birthday celebrations need some amazing cake themes and design ideas. Of course, no birthday is complete without a birthday cake; for the first birthday, it becomes even more important to have a gorgeous, fantasy cake especially when it is a girl celebrating her birthday.

Below are some wonderful first birthday cake ideas when you buy strawberry cake online. Make sure that you order for strawberry cake delivery as there can be nothing more perfect than this flavour for your little girl’s birthday. So here are some amazing fantasy cake theme ideas for your girl’s first birthday –

  • Minnie Mouse Shaped Cake

Perfect for a girl’s birthday, the Minnie Mouse cake is just the perfect thing to add some glamour to your girl’s birthday party. Petite and adorable, the Minnie Mouse has always been regarded as a little style diva from the Disney squad so if you think your girl is a diva too, this shaped cake is just ideal for your girl’s birthday party. You can buy a strawberry cake in the Minnie Mouse shape and get the cake in various sizes.

  • Alice in Wonderland Theme Birthday Cake

Alice in Wonderland is one of the most popular birthday themes for girls. A pleasing designs and storyline, the Alice in Wonderland is itself about a fantasy world so of course, with the Alice in Wonderland themed cake, you are gearing up your girl for her little fantasies. Order strawberry cake online in this theme and let your girl enjoy memories of a beautiful wonderland.

  • Animated Photo Design Birthday Cake

Photo cakes are quite a popular choice again. These cakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes with any photo of your choice oriented on the top of the cake with edible cream frostings. There is a huge range of options available for you here. You can choose photos with you or simply have a collage of photos of your little princess; either way, the cake is going to be nothing less than a beautiful memory.

  • Teddy Bear Themed Birthday Cake

What can be more lovable and cute than a pink teddy bear for your little girl’s birthday cake? With strawberry cake delivery, you will be delighted with the flavour and the taste. The strawberry cake online is just as good, in fact, a lot better in taste than the cakes that you find in your nearby cake shops.

Birthday cakes are special as they enhance your celebrations. Explore some of our best strawberry cakes and choose the perfect gifts for your girl!

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