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Photo Cakes Online Ideal for Baby Showers

There are various occasions in our lives that demand a grand celebration and among them, welcoming a new life deserves a special mention. The fact that there is a new baby who will soon be an important aspect of your living makes the thought big enough to celebrate. That being said, one of the first celebrations for your baby would be a baby shower party. Planning a surprise party would remain incomplete without a delicious and mouth-watering cake. And, with photo cakes online, you will have some great memories to preserve as well!

Choosing the perfect cake for a baby shower party:

No celebration can be complete without a sweet treat and in most cases; cakes have been regarded as the customary sweet delicacy for celebrating happy and joyous moments. Just like with a birthday celebration, an anniversary gathering or a graduation party, your baby shower celebrations will also seem complete with a nice baby shower cake. When you are planning to host a baby shower, choosing your cake is where it should all begin. Considering the varieties of customized cakes online, it can become slightly overwhelming to choose the perfect baby shower cake. Here are some ideas –


  1. Go by the theme. If you have a baby shower theme, it would be best to get customized cakes delivery with a designer cake that perfectly blends with your theme. So, if you have a cartoon character theme, you can get the baby shower cake in the shape of the cartoon character or you can even order photo cakes with the image of the character.
  2. If you want to have something unique, you can try the photo cakes online and have the image of the parents to be imprinted on the cake with edible cream frosting. Alternatively, you can also order for customized cakes online with a photo of the first scan of your baby. Now, that’s unique.
  3. A diaper shaped cake is a great idea too. With the customized cakes delivery option, you can have a cake in any shape and size to meet your needs. Then, there can be cakes in the shapes of rattles and teethers or a cake in the shape of a belly that signifies the pregnancy and baby in the womb. All of these are unique ideas to get a special cake for your baby shower party.
  4. The size of the cake is another thing that will have an impact on the design or customization. It is the other way round. Some designs can only be made with bigger cakes so keep this in mind before you choose your customization.


Choosing the right colours for the baby shower cake:

Baby showers parties are often planned with specific themes in mind. And, when you are aware of the gender of your baby or if you will be having twins, you can set the party mood in the right colours. Generally speaking, the colour blue is associated with a boy and pink with a girl. However, if you are not too sure of the sex of your baby, you can go neutral in the shades of green and yellow and other bright colours like red. No matter what the colour theme of your baby shower party, make sure that you complement it right with the baby shower cake. You can either go completely contrast with the photo cakes online or blend in the theme colours – either ways, your baby shower cakes will remain the most interesting aspect of your party! You can place an order for baby shower cakes online through

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