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The Popular Wedding cake delivery Themes for an Indian Wedding

Cutting a cake is considered to be auspicious in the western tradition but we, Indians have acquired this trend. Today, almost all the big celebrations that we have for any special occasions in our lives, a cake cutting ceremony is inevitable. This is something that we do for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other important occasions in our life that demand a celebration of love and happiness. When it comes to a wedding, it has increasingly become a popular trend across all religions and cultures to have a cake cutting ceremony. With the wedding cake delivery option, this has now become a convenient aspect of wedding arrangements as well.

Choosing the right wedding cake:

When you are looking to buy a wedding cake, it is clear that you want to make the cake cutting ceremony an important aspect of your wedding. In this regard, you will have to choose the perfect cake online. One that blends with the wedding theme as well as leaves a memorable mark on the wedding festivities. Talking about the types of wedding cakes available, one thing is for sure – there is a huge choice available, and you will be surprised at how easily you can order a wedding cake that is just perfect for your wedding.

While you can opt to buy a wedding cake and get the best wedding cake right at the venue, the fact is that you will have to choose the right wedding cake theme. The following are some of the popular wedding cake themes for Indian weddings –


  • Traditional Wedding Cake Theme

Traditional wedding cake themes will always be in vogue. A perfect wedding will be complete with the perfect wedding cake. If you are looking to order a wedding cake online for an Indian wedding, some Indian designs work well – a bridal henna design or ornamental cake design with a traditional bride and bridegroom can be breathtakingly beautiful. The wedding cake delivery option can be perfect to get the cake delivered at the wedding venue fresh, right at the time of the cake cutting ceremony.


  • The Perfect Wedding Cake Theme – Wax couple figures

If you want to go a little continental, you can choose a modern wedding cake with wax figures of a couple on the top of the cake. This looks ideal when buying a wedding cake that is designed to be in two or more tiers. A more creative option can be to have initials of the couple’s name on the cake. This theme is also good if you want to order an anniversary cake online.


  • Elephant Inspired Wedding Cake Theme

Elephants have always represented royalty as per Indian customs and culture. Elephant-inspired themes set the mood for anything royal, and if you are planning a royal wedding, an elephant inspired wedding cake design can be considered as an auspicious choice. With the wedding cake online option, it is rather easy to give your design specifications and get the cake delivered to you with convenience.


  • Symbols of Love Wedding Cake Theme

There are some popular symbols of love such as the Taj Mahal that evoke feelings of togetherness and long-lasting love. If you believe in love that will last forever, you can choose to have wedding cakes designed in the shape of love monuments and other such love symbols.

Apart from the above, you can always ask for wedding cake delivery of photo cakes and heart-shaped cakes that are also popular as wedding cakes as per Indian preferences. No matter what cake you choose, getting online cake delivery for your wedding cakes is an ideal option from the comfort, convenience, and variety of available perspectives.

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