When the month of December arrives, many people can be seen formulating New Year Resolutions in the hope of bringing positive changes in their life. Some may find it difficult to maintain, which is why they must be aware of the various resolution ideas this New Year.  Many may try hard to follow their resolutions, but finally end up failing. Hence, it is important for these people to go through tips that help in setting goals for the New Year.

Effective Tips to Start Setting Goals for the New Year

Be Determined about Setting Goals for the New Year:-

One of the major reasons held responsible for a broken New Year’s Resolution is the lack of motivation. Most of these goals for the New Year are treated like a bucket list. This makes it easy for many to forget about them even before the end of January. A research conducted on graduates after 20 years in Harvard showed that only 5% of the population was earning extra money than the other 95% combined. This difference in 5% of the population was claimed to be a result of setting goals in life.

Tips for This New Year Goal Setting:-

The process of setting goals for the New Year helps in putting you in the correct frame of mind. Abraham Lincoln stated that, “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” Following the provided tips can help in the process of New Year goal setting each year. It will not only set you in the right path, but also help you strategize ways in order to achieve them.

Write your goals:

If you do not write your goals, it will only remain a dream. Writing your goals for the New Year will help you in transforming them into reality. Writing can help in aiding the process of articulating the thoughts. Care must be taken to make sure that the goals are Time Based, Measurable, Specific, Attainable, and Realistic.

Time Based:

Your goals should fall in a definite timeframe. It helps in putting your unconscious mind in motion. Formulating timeframes for sub-goals is also a very intelligent way of moving towards your goal.


 A goal must be measurable to understand the progress you have been making. It does not have to be quantifiable, but you must be able to realise when the goal is achieved.


Your goal should be able to clearly define what you desire to achieve. It should contain a positive language written in present tense. It helps in setting the sub-conscious mind in the right path for processing and achieving the goals. Avoid writing goals in the future tense.


This part is very important with respect to setting goals for the New Year. It is not very time consuming to formulate a plan for achieving the goals. It is wise to break these goals into sub-goals, so as to understand the specific changes that need to be brought into the limelight.


If your goal is way to over the top, you may not be able to plan your way to achieve it. Hence, it should fit a definite timeframe. If your goals are unrealistic, it can itself be a cause of de-motivation.

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