Everyone loves those small, delicious and breathtakingly beautiful delights; also knows as cupcakes. Cupcakes have a way of making people happy and put a smile on their face. These sweet little delicacies are what that’s trending nowadays, irrespective of the occasion. A birthday party, kitty party, promotion, or even a breakup; cupcakes are perfect for all the situations. Now we know how cupcakes have become our go-to option for every and any occasion but the cost of these delicacies might be an issue as there are limited confectioneries making them. Therefore, the best way to enjoy the cupcake is baking them.


Making of cupcakes is a very simple process and doesn't take a lot of our time. We can experiment with various flavours and shapes, according to our likes. But there is a difference between the homemade cupcakes and the one in the stores; the decoration, meaning the icing of the cupcake. People usually don’t even try making it at home thinking it’s a lot of work, whereas in reality all it needs is a little bit of patience and a few tricks up your sleeves.

There are no proper formats or rules that need to be followed for icing the cupcake, whatever colour you like can be used. In fact, two colours can be mixed and be made into icing if that’s what you want. This is usually done during theme parties; they use the icing of the cupcakes in a way that it describes the theme of the party. In a birthday party, the icing can be such that, each cupcake has different colour icing and each has a letter spelt by sprinkles, from the ‘B’ of birthday till the last letter of the name of the person being celebrated.

Upon the regular icing, you can fill the cupcake with sprinkles or candies that make the cupcake look colourful and tempting. They can also be decorated with fruits such as cherries, strawberries, etc.

Even though it is a little difficult for the others, you can try shaping the icing in the form of a cartoon character that your kid loves, like Doraemon, Dora, a snowman, etc.

Another way to make your cupcakes special is by filling them from the inside. Though this doesn’t help much in the looks, it tastes heavenly. Chocolate filling, cheese filling, jelly filling, etc. a few of the kinds of filling you can use. It makes the cupcake melt in your mouth and the blast of flavour will leave you speechless.

Now, not only will you be saving a lot of money but will be able to make cupcakes that are going to look as if they are brought straight from a bakery. With the help of these tips, I hope you know what to do for the coming Christmas.

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